Visit the best of Westchester’s Parks and Preserves with westchester limo service

Parks and Preserves with westchester limo service

Westchester County in New York is very popular for all its lovely green spaces and beautiful parks and natural reserves that can be best enjoyed with Westchester limo service.Summer time in Westchester is calm and tranquil, be it parks, fields or woods. This county has lots of green space to enjoy.

Here are some of worthwhile and best of Westchester’s Parks and Preserves that can be explored conveniently with Westchester limo service:

Untermyer Park and Gardens-Its known as “Eden on the Hudson”. This is a Persian-Indo park with lovely views of the Hudson river and gardens. There is a unique charm and you will feel like you have entered back in time. Kids shall be free to enjoy and have fun.

Pepsico sculpture park and gardens- This has been reopened after a big renovation. Both art as well as nature can be seen here. There are sculptures that are sculpted by world-renowned artists all through the park. Stroll around to explore.

Larchmont Manor Park-It is located on the Long Island Sound in Larchmont’s “Manor”. These are stately houses that are lined in the park. The park has seats etched into rocks by water where you can sit and take pleasure in the beautiful views of the scenery.

Croton Gorge Park-Take a look at the waterfall in this park at Croton Dam. The park is spread over 97 acres at the base of the dam. There are walking trails, a viewing area for watching waterfalls, a play ground and playing fields. Enjoy a picnic or stroll along the reservoir at the top of the dam.

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Ward Pound Ridge-It is the biggest park of Westchester that is spread over4,135 acres. It has streams, fields, trails and much more to explore. At night you can camp as well. Hiking, walking and picnicking are other activities.

Rockefeller State Park Preserve-This preserve is spread over 140,000 acres of land. Wander through woodlands, wetlands, fields, ponds, meadows, streams and lakes. The preserve has a broad range of landscapes.

Rye Nature Preserve-This wildlife preserve is spread over 47 acres land with streams, walking trails and ponds. There are slides in the playground for the kids to have fun. The preserve also has animals and many environmental programs for family and kids which incorporate camps and workshops.

Greenburgh Nature Center –This nature centre is located in Scarsdale which is spread over 33 acres of land. There are Native American sites, nature trails, the Native Plant Meadow,outdoor animal exhibits,the Great Lawn and playground. Plenty of animal exhibits are at display indoors to keep kids engrossed. There are several classes and events held here as well for kids and adults like Rye nature preserve.

The Sheldrake Environmental Center-This is a preserve spread over 60 acres of land and water. Stroll around the reservoir of Larchmont. Spot and observe birds and other kinds of wildlife here. There are numerous trails which kids are sure to enjoy. There are programs for family as well as adults, preschool activities, nature camp and much more.

Westchester limo service shall take you to these special spots at leisure, comfort and ease. The ride and trip are made memorable for your family and kids.

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