Traveling Tips To Italy | What Every Tourist Should Know

Traveling Tips To Italy What Every Tourist Should Know

Are you ready on your next travel to Italy? If you do not have any plans yet but you know that this is the next country that you want to visit, then you must take into consideration signing up for a culinary tour. There are lots of cooking vacations these days and it’s becoming more and more popular to tourists from all around the world. Cooking tours are specifically for those who love to explore a culture through their local cuisine.

Culinary Tours In Italy 

Culinary vacations are becoming a trend for travelers these days. In fact, culinary tours Italy is one of the most sought after places to visit of food lovers. If you love food and you want to learn a new international cuisine, then it is time to sign up for these culinary tours. The International  Kitchen (KIT) is one of the most trusted companies in this business. They are recommended by the French, Italian, and Spanish government tourist offices. They have plenty of options for you to choose from when you want to learn and understand Italian culture through their gastronomic indulgence. 

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Tips On Your Next Italy Adventure

You have to admit, food is a very important part of your travels. Who can possibly pass on the chance to take a bite of a meal or dish that is very well known for its unique flavor? Italy has lots of that kind to offer. From pasta, pizza, wine, and so much more! Italian food is the best, there’s no doubt about that. But before you head on to your next travel adventure to Italy, here are some tips that every tourist needs to know:

  • Manner Of Greeting. If you have noticed in the movies, Italians have a specific manner fo greeting – two kisses. This is being followed by everyone, regardless of gender, age, and how well do you know the person. When you meet someone, it is important that you greet them with one kiss on each cheek. 
  • Sweet And Light Breakfast To Start The Day. When in Italy, do not be surprised when you can find only a few restaurants who will serve you a hearty breakfast meal. That is because a classic Italian breakfast only includes a sweet pastry, a cup of coffee or cappuccino, and sometimes an orange juice.
  • Enjoy A Riposino. If you want to stroll around town during lunch hours, do not get disappointed when most shops are closed, especially in the summer. Italians love to spend their lunchtimes taking a nap or a ‘riposino’ until around four in the afternoon. 
  • Properly Enjoy An Italian Meal. If you visit a restaurant in Italy, you would notice that most of them do not serve cocktails. Children can drink sodas or water with meals but it’s a different thing with adults who are expected to steer clear of drinks during a meal. That is because wine or beer can cover up the taste of their food.

Enjoying the Italian culture through their local dishes is better when learned directly from the locals. This is why culinary vacations are the best way to go if you want to understand the culture at a deeper level through their authentic local delicacies and cuisine.

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