Veeam is the market-leading provider of data management solutions

A unified platform for Cloud, Virtual, Physical (including saas), and Kubernetes environments is provided by this solution. As a result, customers can rest confident that their applications and data are safe from ransomware, disasters, and malicious actors. Furthermore, they are always accessible thanks to the easiest, most adaptable, trustworthy, and powerful platform offered in the business.

Veeam Russia announced Vladimir Klyavin’s appointment to the post of area director for the company’s operations in Russia, the Commonwealth of Independent States, Ukraine, and Georgia in February 2020. The company’s previous president, VasilyVaganov, who has been in charge of the Russian office since 2011, and subsequently as vice president, was responsible not only for Russia and the CIS but also for the markets of Eastern Europe and the Middle East, continues to work for the organization. The geographical scope of its responsibilities has been broadened: the list of territories for which he is accountable covers Northern Europe.

Veeam provide Modern Data Protection

The Veeam Cloud Data Management Platform is the most comprehensive solution for enterprises looking to modernize data management while maintaining its availability across any application or cloud architecture, including hybrid cloud computing environments.

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution in the realm of data management, protection, and security. Every corporation has a unique set of problems that must be addressed via securitization. Snowflakes are analogous to data sets. Additionally, many businesses find their data security requirements develop and evolve as they proceed into the future, necessitating the ongoing updating of data protection systems to keep up with the ever-flowing tide.

Veeam swiftly rose to the top of the backup industry by providing the reliable data recovery

Essentially, they make sure that data is constantly accessible, safeguarded, and actively functioning for companies worldwide. As a result, hundreds of thousands of enterprises use the platform to keep their operations functioning regardless of where their data is stored – on physical systems, saasservices, public clouds, private clouds, hybrid clouds, or multi-clouds – and how they store their data.

Technological advancements have occurred at an increasingly rapid rate throughout the last several decades.This movement in infrastructure has occurred from mainframes to clients and servers, and more recently, from virtualized workloads to the cloud. However, parallel to this infrastructure movement, there is also a “shift to the left” in application design, with more engagement from developers than ever before. In reality, app builders and developers are often at the forefront of transforming corporate services, both internally and externally, to increase operational efficiency, productivity and lower operating costs.

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