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Wireles Communication

To access certain wireless services, successful mobile data expenses need to be hunted. For a mobile workforce, aircards are at a great convenience. Employees are able to take direct contact through the internet using a laptop, netbook, and a desktop. A high data speed gives the convenience of a wireless data connection. In Fact, there are plenty of mobile data packages offered at for the customers to avail. Customers can get a high-speed data connection with a reliable network service. With this, the wireless communication had diffused faster compared to any other communication technology. To start with, the mobile phone turned out as the most pervasive technology that brought a wave of the mode of communication.

mode of communication

Landline phone versus mobile phone

For a span of about Ten years, the mobile phone had moved its expansion over the years. Many people have been using a mobile phone. In mid 90’s mobile phone began to come out around the world. The ratio of the mobile phone went up from 1:34 in the year 1991, and by 1998 it becomes 1:8 in the year 1998. With this, it has shown that more and more people are using mobile phones compared to the landline. In the year 2000, the ratio of mobile versus landline phone rose. It becomes 1:2 and by the year 2003, mobile phone overtaken the mainline subscription. So, the mobile phone subscription continues to rise at a fast rate. Mobile phones no longer become a substitute for landline phones, yet overshadowed it. It was proven since the day the mobile phone were distributed in the market. More and more people are owning this portable wireless mobile phone.

Mobile phone subscription

There has been an important increase in the number of mobile phone subscription in the last decade. In most countries, mobile phones outpaced fixed lines. There are reasons why people use to enjoy the usage of mobile phones. It is because of great features such as text messaging, internet access, email, music playback, game, a personal organizer at many more. Mobile phone technology becomes more and more advanced with every single day. Plus, the importance of wireless internet makes a lot more sense to mobile phones.  There are many ways to access wireless internet connection. It can be through pagers, laptops, tablet, desktop, pagers, PDAs and mobile phones. What pays more attention to a mobile phone is its use as a primary mode to stay connected with resources, information and even as a mode of communication. The popular quote “The world is in your hands right at your fingertips with the use of mobile phone” clarifies how this wireless phone is at a great advantage.

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