Development of Individual Software for Business

The market for developing custom software for businesses has grown significantly. Due to the presence of special SDK and development platforms, this type of development has become easier and more accessible. Once, only pocket companies could afford to develop an individual application for their use, but today it is more accessible and accessible even for small companies.

More description about custom software development

In general, business software development creates programs to improve business performance, add additional features for end users and customers, or increase productivity. However, the question remains for some, since there are many commercial applications available and easily accessible, why is it necessary to develop specialized software for business? The answer is obvious. Standard programs are excellent for overall performance, and many of them allow a certain degree of customization. However, every business is different, and in many cases trying to use a standard program would be like trying to place a round peg in a square hole. It just does not fit.

While custom development is rarely required for common productivity tasks, such as word processing, communication, or basic number processing, companies often need a feature or function that is simply not available with commercial software. Although the first way is usually to try to find an alternative solution, this solution is often difficult and time consuming, and ultimately the company must decide to take the next step and create a special program.

Before embarking on custom software development project (developed internally or through a third-party development center), a company must take some preliminary steps. This includes an assessment of the current situation and, in particular, taking note of what needs to be improved and what the potential savings are as a result. In addition, all interested parties, including end users, should be consulted to determine the specific characteristics and functions desired, as well as the limitations of the existing system. Only after determining the commercial needs can the actual coding of an individual project begin?

At home or outsourced?

After the decision was made to move forward with the project to develop a user application, a big question arises: do it with internal talent or through a third-party development center. The solution is not always obvious. But if the internal IT department is busy with maintenance and day-to-day operations, contacting an external specialist can be beneficial and less demanding on internal resources.

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And, of course, many small companies have virtually no IT support in the company, so the choice of outsourcing becomes essential. However, even if the company has labor resources, the advantage of outsourcing for developing specialized business software is that the third-party company is more likely to have specialized skills that are very suitable for the project questionable

Development of software for individual business applications for small businesses: a brief analysis and overview

There are a number of software development companies for commercial applications that provide commercial software that can be customized. The list includes companies such as SAP, Microsoft and Oracle. However, the solutions of these companies are mainly focused on large companies. Equipment capabilities and settings may not fit the budget for small companies that employ between 10 and 50 employees who are seeking to develop software for business applications with individual settings for less than 20,000 euros. Therefore, these small companies often rely on a bunch of unnecessary Excel sheets. Older macros, outdated applications, and inappropriate software for sale ultimately force your workforce to waste a tremendous amount of valuable time.

In the face of tough competition and the need to continually improve efficiency, companies can find investments in user-friendly and time-saving business software, which is just as important as educating employees, initiating efforts to meet customer needs and updating company products and services. The potential savings from increased administrative efficiency and more efficient business decisions with properly adapted business application software can be much higher than the cost of investing in specialized business software.

So how do you develop software for your business?

Who will understand your business and its problems? Some small businesses turn to independent professionals to help them develop an individual business application. However, finding freelancers with the necessary business software development experience is difficult. Web development freelancers, which most users currently have, usually have experience with a wide range of applications and do not have the niche experience needed to develop appropriate business software. Others turn to local business software consultants who have extensive professional experience. These consultants usually have a favorite platform that they develop, on which they can save you time and money. However, there is also a risk that you will not get what is right for you and that the software platform is not flexible enough, so instead of saving time, increase the cost.

Outsourcing the development of custom software for overseas business is another alternative. But, as in the case of freelancers, most companies that develop non-standard software in popular software development outsourcing areas lack specialized expertise. The time it takes a team to culturally and geographically distance themselves to understand their needs can increase costs. Even though your local consultant charges 10 times as much, costs can even out.

In conclusion

So who is the ideal business software development partner? There is no such thing as a “solution for all”. Some companies prefer a local consultant to head an offshore team, for example, benefiting from clear communication and at the same time reaping some of the benefits from lower costs offered by offshore outsourcing companies.

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