Know about the popular digital studio company

Online marketing is growing in popularity as people use social medial platforms making every marketer start using strategies to reach the audience. Creating valuable content is essential to attract the audience. People focus only on content that engages them. One of the most popular media companies is TheSoul Publishing that has huge followers on different social media platforms. The company has produced several channels but many people are not aware of this company behind the popular YouTube channels like 5-minute crafts and Bright side.

TheSoul Publishing was founded in 2004 by the Russian developers Pavel Radaev and Marat Mukhametov. Initially, the company AdMe focuses only on digital advertising and content distribution. Later, the company has decided to increase its subscribers and increase ad revenue. They come with the idea of providing engaging and useful content to the audiences that would help them to increase the viewers.

TheSoul Publishing

It has worked out well because of the hit channel 5-Minute crafts and Bright Side. The interesting content that made people visit the channel has gained huge followers. They also expanded their work in various social medial platforms that include Tik Tok, Instagram, Amazon Prime, and many others.
Now, the company is the largest media production in the world with a strong fan base across all social media platforms. It has also taken over the popular companies Disney subscribers. They have a creative team in different countries and are able to deliver the best content in 19 different languages.

For their extraordinary global production, the team has received numerous awards including the Digital Studio of the Year recently in 2021, the Media excellence award, and also many nominations. Thus, the most trending online content is delivered by this popular media and it has reached 100 billion social media impressive views.

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