The Process Involved in Creating A Lovemaking Mobile App


The process involved in developing a Dating App is comprised of few steps. The developing cost of these Dating mobile apps varies between the two mobile platforms namely Android and iOS. Both versions of Dating apps can be created if the developing cost suits your price range from the clients. The price depends on the features, technical complexity, custom designs, animation, use of hardware components and the number of devices for which it is developed.

Steps Involved in Developing a Dating App

The project manager divides the task with specific work hours to the team members who do their tasks as mentioned below.

  1. Wireframe Creation/Requirement Analysis

The clients give the mobile developers of the design they want in their dating apps. The UX person, decomposes this design to understand the flow better. These wireframes are done by UX experts who have a good knowledge of the target users, their requirements, functionality and cost. It takes an approximate of 80 hours.

Dating App

  1. Designing the Screens

The Android app design team, converts these wireframes, into colorful, trending designs that are attractive and increases its users. All the available screens within the dating app are designed by Android design team which takes about 200 hours depending upon the number of pages involved.

  1. App Development

The Android app development team uses the various programming languages to develop the designed pages into real mobile screens adding the required links, navigations and forms. An App developer builds all the features needed for the dating app such as chat rooms, profile settings, social media verification and many more beneficial features. The Android developers takes about 150 hours to do their task.

  1. Backend Development

The backend developer takes an average of 300 hours to do his task. It includes synching data with database, social networks, geo-location tracking features and feeds which are the most time consuming features to be embedded within the app.

  1. QA and Testing

The final step is the testing by the QA engineer who checks for the quality analysis of the app and checks for additional features and how they work. It takes an approximate of 500 hours to complete the QA testing work.

The main idea of these Android and iOS dating apps is to make the users meet new people and chat in groups to know better and create an interesting experience!

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