All You Need To Need Know About Microphones

If you are in search for new microphones and having tough time to decide on what to choose, is the guide that can help you in the process to find the exact kind of mike that suits all your requirements from budget, functions as well as quality. Getting basic knowledge about it is very important to select a proper one.

professional studio recording

We can see what the guide mentioned earlier talks about. We know that now a days the most used form is the overhead drum microphones. People are liking it and is giving good reviews for the quality brands. Let’s check some good brands that has got really great reviews according to cajonguide

  1. The shure KSM32 is the trending among all the others. It is apt for professional studio recording. What makes it loved is the live sound production hat makes it more natural. It is particularly used for ambiance pick up.
  2. The shure KSM 141 is the skinny version, convenient one. It gives you all the functions of an expensive mike being a budget friendly option. It is capable of tailoring the frequency capture to the equipment and giving you a great and detailed response with superb flexibility.
  3. AKG P170 is the perfect option for affordable mike to use live or in the studio. It can be used to mike your drum at a live gig to get more of a natural sound. It is widely used by drummers all around who optfor condenser mike with phantom power.
  4. AKG Pro C414 is the best option for singing, soloists and drums as well. It has got nine polar patterns for capturing sound perfectly, specially designed for high requirements with neutral sounds.
  5. Samson CO2 is the super range of pocket friendly condenser mikes. It is pencil condenser mikes with a stand, cables, clip and attaching bar. It minimizes the noise from instruments that are close monitors the feedback well.

Anyways be particular about the quality first and don’t just go for the sleek looks. It should be durable as well to avoid replacing every now and then and spending lot of money.

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