When was thesoul publishing started?

Pavel Radaev and Marat Mukhametov established TheSoul Publishing in 2003. Both men continue to serve as co-chief executive officers of the firm even to this day. Together, they established the informative website known as AdMe, which is focused on advertising. As AdMe continued to build its audience over the years, the company shifted its focus to generating content that was more comedic and entertainment-oriented. The year 2016 saw the addition of entertaining video content from TheSoul Publishing, starting with the debut of 5-Minute Crafts on Facebook.

Today, our creative team consists of 2,700 people spread across 70 countries, and they generate content that is always engaging and irresistibly shareable for people of all ages, in 19 different languages. Approximately eighty percent of our coworkers are remote and are located on six different continents. Cross-collaboration between production teams located on different continents is strongly encouraged in order to speed the creation of material that has appeal on a global scale. This includes researchers, animators, editors, sound mixers, translators, and voice-over artists, amongst others.

thesoul publishing

Current Innovations

New efforts include expansion across additional social media, podcast, and streaming platforms (such as TikTok, Instagram, Snap, Roku, Apple, Spotify, Amazon Prime, and Chinese platforms including Xigua, Douyin, and Bilibili), as well as the steady expansion of its extraordinary global production team, with the goal of providing its fans with more of the content that they crave.

Our worldwide creative team consistently produces content that is entertaining, irresistibly shareable, and appropriate for all age groups, and they do it in 19 different languages.

The universe of well-known channels that are owned and operated by TheSoul Publishing, such as 5-Minute Crafts, Bright Side, Baby Zoo, 123 Go!, La La Life, Teen-Z, Avocado Couple, Polar, and Slick Slime Sam, satisfy our viewers’ curiosity by showcasing cutting-edge 3D technology, eye-catching stop motion, fun music, and vibrant animation!

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