There are many reasons to invest in Data Management, so it is very important to know in detail about it and even few are to be understood as they are the ones that most impact the operations and growth of the organization.

Progressive reduction of operating costs

The first big savings result from reduced investment in Veeam Russia infrastructure and physical servers to meet growing demand. With the adjusted investment directed only to the services needed at the moment, it is possible to better plan the distribution of the company’s financial resources. Automation in the cloud contributes significantly to cost reduction, since it does not reduce the need to bear the high cost of the database administrators themselves, thus reducing operational expenses. Additionally, the gain in operational efficiency reduces rework and increases process througout as well as sound decision making. As we well know, making the right decisions improves financial health and opens up room for growth.

Make your growth scalable

When we talk about a subscription service model, it is important to consider the possibility of an optimized scaling of resources. In practice, you are using the resources of the management service according to your daily demand. In other words, users are able to provision the operational for an “idle” state, but with the immediate possibility of increasing demand in peak periods and, above all, returning to the previous state as soon as the processes resume normal volume. In addition to benefiting from the cost reduction mentioned above, it offers power of action, since operational flexibility is less expensive and improves the implementation of more robust strategies.

Increased information security

The cloud data management service can “protect” your data and information. Servers use automation to imbue processes with modern security methods, plus mechanisms that dramatically reduce bottlenecks caused by human error.



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