Ryan Kavanaugh Video Interview At LA Premier Regarding ‘Skyline’:


The astonishingly good VFX work O’Donnell has pulled out of his modest budget is what proves most entertaining here – as Skyline. The fact that the series is produced by visual effects artists Greg and Colin Strause, who also directed the first film and were presumably able to assist each scene to be filmed for optimum post-production efficiency, must have helped enormously.

The film “Skyline,” directed by Greg and Colin Strause, who previously worked on the visual effects for “Avatar,” is a $20 million production. It follows a group of friends as they struggle to survive an alien attack in Los Angeles. Because of its bleak subject, it has deserved it.

Ryan Kavanaugh’s views on Skyline:

‘Skyline,’ an alien invasion fiction film, was the focus of this interview with producer Ryan Kavanaugh. The following Ryan Kavanaugh Video interview took place in November 2010 during the film’s Los Angeles premiere.

 The interviewer asks Ryan about how he helped the brothers with such a low budget film. Ryan informed the viewers about the brothers who approached him, and they had a little 30-second teaser explaining the total look and feel of the movie imbibed in it. Ryan felt that the movie had the feel of “the biggest movie anyone has ever seen” and was so impressed by the idea of the plot and vibe that he instantly agreed on it and helped them get more resources for their support. Even though it was a low budget movie, and it didn’t feel like it, most of the effects felt more like a hundred million movies to him like ‘avatar’. They wanted to also prove to the viewers that movies can still look like a hundred billion dollar movie and, in reality, be a low budget instead.

The interviewer also enquires about the ‘snow white’ project and the casting of Johnny Depp, but Ryan didn’t comment much on that but did confirm that ‘snow white’ is going to be one of his next plans, which is going to be directed by Tarsem Singh. He also praises Tarsem for his directing skills and aesthetic ability.

Relativity Media’s Brett Ratner is proven to be a creative force to be reckoned with. Skyline, the sci-fi thriller directed by Greg and Colin Strause, the visual effects magicians behind Avatar, Iron Man 2 and 300, has been acquired by Ryan Kavanaugh’s business. The film was financed by the Strause Brothers’ Hydraulx Entertainment label. The project was introduced to Relativity by Ratner.

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