Reasons to Choose Pre-Owned Cars

Aside from buying a house, a car is the most expensive thing that you can purchase in a lifetime. But if you are budget-conscious, spending for a brand new car might not be on your top list. However, we need cars for safety and convenience. Good thing there are companies who are selling high-quality pre-owned cars.

Pre-Owned Cars

            Nash Auto is the “go-to” car dealer when you are looking for used cars in Costa Mesa. They have the cheapest yet the best quality of second-hand cars in California, especially with their Lexus and Toyota brands. But why should we choose pre-owned cars instead of brand new? Since buying pre-owned cars is a risky move, you should have a very good reason to purchase one.

Budget Friendly

            If you remember other people saying that a new car loses its value the moment you drive it off the shop. It’s true. This is why buying used cars would be a better bargain. A pre-owned Lexus 2015 model is for sale at Nash Auto for just $20,000, when it is more than half the price if you buy it brand new. You will still lose money with pre-owned cars, but at least you avoid the initial hit that the previous owner experienced.

New Cars and Sales Tax

            Brand new cars are subject to state sales tax. But not used cars. The amount of tax a dealer has to add on the brand new car may be a couple hundred bucks to thousands of dollars. That is savings. Research about taxes laws on cars before you decide.

The Extras

            A pinstripe, protective film, or maybe an anti-rust coating, are some extra add-ons that you get on brand new cars. However, you can get these extras at a lower cost outside the shop from other car accessories installer. When you purchase used cars, you might not be able to get all these add-ons, but at least you can choose to add extras that you actually need.


            The cars that are built these days are designed to last at least 100,000 miles. So it’s not a bad deal when you get used cars. You can get a good conditioned used car that can run as good as a brand new car. It is an edge if you know anything about cars, or bring someone who knows about cars, and you should be able to get one that is in “like new” condition.

Nash Auto is the best place to visit when you are looking for pre-owned cars. If you want to check them out, you can also visit their website,, and you can get a quote online. They have a wide variety of cars to choose from. Brands like Lexus, Toyota, Chevrolet, Ford, and so much more.

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