What exactly the spam call means?

It is a common thing to own a mobile phone nowadays and it has become a part in our lives. The mobile number you have will be provided in various places to get otp or some information that you want. Some sites would ask your number for login into their website. By providing your mobile number they will verify your account with OTP that has sent to your registered mobile number. Like so many ways you will provide your mobile number is many places.If you observe you will get lots of calls from unknown numbers and you have no idea about those calls from where you are getting. So some companies started to track this calls and they will help you in finding those types of calls. They track back the calls and they will find the original source if those calls and they will inform you by displaying the name of the caller from where you are getting. By looking at those calls you can avoid those calls and need not to attend such calls. To get notified from these calls you need click this out on your browser or from your app store. After the installation of these application they will provide the details of the caller and they will block the spam calls.

many people shifted to the internet

Do the spam calls are dangerous.

  • Have you ever heard about spam calls. Yes the one who owns a mobile phone will know about these spam calls. Once in a while all of us will get spam calls from different types of sources.
  • To know about these spam calls and to avoid such s there are some websites where you can access to block such types of calls. All you need to do is click this out from your mobile there by you are providing access to them to block your spam calls
  • Some people make spam calls to your mobile number and if you attend such calls they will gather your information by hacking your mobile. This can be done by the chip number where it is unique to every sim.
  • By gaining access through your sim they will retrieve complete information from your mobile phone including your bank details contact numbers and even photos. They can be used to threaten you to get some money from you.


Beware about spam calls and try to avoid such calls if you find any such calls.

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