Must Have Tools Every Man Should Have In His Tool Bag

Having certain plumbers and carpenters tool at your home is a wise decision because you will come across certain situations where you can rectify the problem yourself without hiring a professional. Furthermore, the professionals may not visit your home to do nominal works because the pay will be the least. Therefore, to conserve your money and fix your little issues at once, having some essential tools is mandatory. You should have a good tool bag to store them perfectly. Go through the reviews on ToolsDuty to find out the best tool bag to buy.

best tool bag to buy

Claw Hammer – Hammer is the first essential thing to have to nail something in the wood or wall. It can be fixing a photo frame, attaching the wall clock, and likewise. A claw hammer is the most versatile one as you can out pick out the screw from the wall or any object with it. It is light but strong enough to do all the works perfectly.

Screwdriver – You should have a universal screwdriver at your possess. Buying a complete screwdriver set may not be profitable. You can buy a flathead and a Philips screwdriver separately. But these, there are magnetic screwdrivers available with detachable heads so that you can fit it any blade as per requirement.

Measuring Tape – Some may not consider it as a real tool in comparison to others but this is the most used item for a homeowner. Before you can buy an appliance, you can check whether it will fit in a certain area. For example, when you buy a TV, you measure the length and breadth of the wall to buy the appropriate size.

Wrench – Wrench is slightly advanced as a tool for a homeowner. But if you have a motorcycle or a car, it is a must-have for you. There are various types of wrenches available like crescent wrench which is adjustable due to its movable saw. There is also socket wrench which will also come very handy.

Pliers – Pliers is important to pick out a nail or nut out of the wall or any item that is difficult to reach out to. There are various types of pliers available starting from needle nose pliers to vise grip pliers. To accommodate all these, you need a proper tool bag and you can buy the best tool bag after reading the genuine reviews on ToolsDuty.

Apart from these, the drilling machine is a must have as you will need it to put anything on the wall. Along with that, a level is essential to make sure the alignment is correct.

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