Advantages and Disadvantages of Satellite Transmission

Satellite transmission is one of the most advent technologies invented in the last centuries. It has a major contribution to worldwide communication, TV and radio program broadcasting and other communications.

 In this article, we will put some light on the advantages and disadvantages of Satcom.

satellite communication

Advantages of satellite communication

Extraordinary geometry and unique features of broadcast media have made the satcom system an inevitable mode of communication in the modern era. It possesses numerous advantages.

  • Point to multipoint communication is possible with the help of satcom. This is the reason why satellite relay worldwide broadcast.
  • The circuits of these satellites can be installed quickly. Once they are launched to space, just the earth station is required to be installed and communication can be established within a few hours.
  • In emergency situations, earth stations can be removed rapidly and reinstalled in other places.
  • Mobile communication has become more effective through satcom as it is very flexible in interconnecting mobile vehicles.
  • The quality of the transmitted signals is far better than the fibre cables. Satellites can transmit signals to any earth station independently.
  • User has the total remote of the network.
  • Now, eternal truth is every positive thing carries some evils with it. Satcom is not an exception to this fact. There are some disadvantages as well. They are listed below.
  • It faces overcrowding of available bandwidth because of low antenna positions.
  • Some times, there is a late of ¼ seconds between the transmissions and reception of a signal. This is due to the velocity of an electromagnetic wave that is 3*10^5km/second.
  • The discussed time delay often reduces the efficiency of a satellite in terms of information transmissions and long file transfers.
  • It requires a significant distance of 75000 km approximately between the transmitter and the receiver.
  • Initial costs of satcom installation are quite high.
  • There might be congestion of frequencies.
  • It may face interference and propagation.

This is a proven fact that satellite communication has several implementations such as radio broadcasting, TV broadcasting, Internet surfing, GPS applications, voice communication, research, military applications and navigations. Though it has some counted disadvantages, it is extremely useful in our day to day life. The disadvantages are expected to be recovered with the latest technology. The more progress we achieve in the field of satcom, the more we go forward towards the new era of science and technology which is not bounded within the Earth but Across the universe.

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