Jay Sekulow : Spreading Awareness Through Literature

It is often said that if you wish to live forever, you can do any of the following two things: either do things worth writing or write things worth reading. Jay Sekulow has taken up the latter of the two ways to spread awareness about the many topics that have been plaguing the world scenario today. These include complex things like the ISIS, issue of faith and democracy, etc. The people need to be made aware about the going on in the world for the longer we remain distant and unacquainted from key issues the more our ignorance grows towards them. And just like that simple matters are complicated beyond measure.

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The aim of the man:

With an eye on global political scenario, this man is trying to make as many people as possible come inside the loop and think of a solution together. Getting complicated over time, small issues have grown to command the attention of the world. The best example can be that of Middle east, where a small issue regional issue was blown out of proportion with the interferences of different powers. Ideologies have clashed over trivial issues and made it an all out war.

Reading out:

You can approach any major seller and ask for his books. You can read his works online or order from book stores. They are listed with almost every big seller, they provide an in depth analysis into the mindset that has been instrumental in the rise of terrorist outfits. Being a long time critic of religious propaganda and Islamic terrorism, Jay Sekulow has brought about many key revolutions in the field constitutional integrity. Many a times he has challenged the Supreme Court and presented oppositions to establish the irrefutability of the constitution. All these endeavors have made him a champion of domestic issues at home.


It is important for the USA to stand correct in its internal policies. If it succumbs to infighting, it will not be able to play the role of a global leader. Keeping this in mind, he continues his struggle against political parties aiming to benefit from turmoil.

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