The Wonders of Fascia Blasting

Fascia is a connective tissue that covers different parts of the body. It connects and holds the entire body together. Its main purpose is to allow muscles to glide, to make movements easily. A healthy fascia is invariably flexible and makes body movement pain-free. It could also help the following:

  • increase blood flow
  • improve the body’s alignment
  • symmetry
  • physical performance

So what will happen when fascia is damaged? As fascia protects our body organs from friction, once damaged it could result in injury. A common manifestation of unhealthy fascia is muscle stiffness, cramping and posture problems. Aside from those, a person that suffers fascia problems will experience the following symptoms:

healthy fascia

  • painful movements
  • poor mobility
  • cellulite
  • discomfort

How to maintain healthy fascia?

Every day a person most often use the body for physical activities. To maintain a healthy fascia, regular exercise or stretching is recommended. This daily activity will help fascia bend and flex to avoid muscle stiffening. Another way to take care of fascia is to hydrate our body. It will make fascia malleable and moist. Some products and activities can make fascia healthy. Some of these are the following:

  • fascia yoga
  • cold therapy
  • fasciablaster
  • sauna
  • fascia massage therapy

Is Fascia Blasting Effective?

Fascia blasting is the most known possible treatment for fascia problems. It is a form of fascia manipulation or also termed as myofascial release. Since fascia covers the connective tissues, fascia blasting helps in loosening fascia. This treatment also uses fasciablaster. It is described as a plastic wand with claw-like attachments. It is used to rub painful muscles for 5-10 minutes. It could also be used in massaging the body. While fascia blasting, an oil can be applied to moisten the skin to constrain friction. It helps relax our body tissues. After fascia blasting, drinking of fluids is recommended to hydrate the fascia. Since fascia connects all connective tissues a whole-body massage should be done.

Many women are claiming that fascia blasting could also reduce cellulite formation. It also makes the skin firm, lessen muscle and joint pain and increase blood circulation. Despite these claims, there are still no thorough studies that prove it is effective. Even medical experts are still trying to test and assess its effect on the fascia. Moreover, there are lots of dietary products, creams, wraps, and injections available in the market. If fascia problems occur frequently it is recommended to consult medical experts. Proper medication could prevent further damage to the fascia.

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