The Reasons Why Car Servicing in Fontana Is Vital

Car maintenance is an important procedure for ensuring safety and proper car care in Fontana. There are several tasks that must be performed on the appointed dates or kilometers after buying a car. As a rule, automobile guarantees indicate that maintenance must be completed when indicated, otherwise the guarantee will be canceled. It is recommended to service your car every 12,000 miles or 12 months, whichever comes first. Keep reading to find out why it is so important to regularly check your carin Fontana.

When you look at the items that are checked in the service station, you understand why it is so important to use services regularly. Proven factors include:

  •     Oil and filter change
  •     Fluid levels
  •     Timing belt
  •     Tire depth
  •     Air filter
  •     Fuel filter
  •     New spark plugs
  •     Suspension
  •     Lights
  •     Safety belt
  •     Cleaners

Considering all the parts mentioned in the above list, it is easy to say that they all play a decisive role in driving. For example, seat belts are a legal requirement, as are life-saving appliances.

Car service in fontana

After completing the maintenance, the mechanic must submit a report explaining everything that was deemed wrong and performed as part of the maintenance. You should read this report to find out what was done and ask the mechanic to show you the old part that was replaced so you know that you are not being cheated.

If your car is fairly new and is covered by a warranty, the instructions for the warranty may indicate how long you must leave it before the expiration date of the service. In this case, your service book will be sealed after completing the maintenance, as this may be proof that you actually use the service if you had to apply for a warranty.


To keep the car in good condition between service checks, it is best to check engine fluids and tire pressure every week. During these checks, if you find that you are using a lot of oil, be sure to reserve it in the garage. This small repair can save you large amounts of money in the long run. Car service in fontana is crucial for maintaining and extending the life of your car, so order today at your local garage and service station, no doubt you will regret it.

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