Are detox drinks effective in getting rid of THC in your body? Find out here

Potheads know how valuable detox drinks are for them, especially if they have a sudden memo from their office about a drug test scheduled a few weeks from the date they received it. Detox drinks are very popular among regular cannabis users.

Detox drinks are usually being marketed to remove toxins from your body, resting your digestive system, and also increase your energy levels, but, the marijuana detox drinks or popularly known as detox weed drinks promises to flush out the marijuana out of your system, knowing that marijuana’s main active ingredient, the tetrahydrocannabinol, which is a crystalline compound responsible for you to get high is known to be very stubborn to get flushed out of your system.

For those who regularly smoke marijuana, the life expectancy of THC and its metabolites usually spans seven to 21 days which has a window for them for an estimated 30 days which is considered safe for them to undergo drug tests that will likely have negative results from their drug test.

If you happen to have an upcoming drug test or another reason to get rid of THC and its metabolites from your body, drinking detox drinks and paired up with abstinence will surely make things a lot better for you.

THC and its metabolites

Detox drinks are manufactured with different ingredients that varies on its effectiveness, and usually these drinks are meant to be a detoxifying drink that is used for other purposes like getting rid of toxins in your body, cleansing your digestive system, nourishing your vital organs, and a lot more, but it was discovered also that because of its ability to get rid of toxins and harmful substances in your body, it was found out that it can also flush out THC as well. When you regularly consume detox drinks, you frequently visit the bathroom more than your regular routine, you sweat out profusely, and your metabolism improves tremendously. When it comes to drug tests, a lot of detox drinks dilutes the urine until it does no longer show any traces of THC while preventing the drug testing receptionist to get alarmed for diluted urine.

Before you get too excited, you should also learn that the effectiveness of detox drinks in your body depends on a lot of factors; meaning it can provide you great benefits or the complete opposite, which is why you have to set your mind for the much-realistic scenarios about taking detox drinks. If you smoke marijuana on a daily basis for many years already, there is a huge percentage that you will not pass a drug test knowing that the THC levels in your body are just way up the scales that you need an entire year to completely clean your body from it which also makes detox drinks ineffective. If you are those who are just occasional smokers, detox drinks will surely speed up the detoxifying process in your body which should be coupled with exercise, healthy diet, and enough sleep.

There are tons of choices of marijuana detox available which all have different proclaimed methods of cleaning your system which is why it would be important as well that you do some research which one is best suitable for you. There are synthetically manufactured that provides faster results while there are organic and naturally manufactured drinks which have fewer side effects. If you want to learn more about THC detox click on this link

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