Connecting People: LAN Messenger

Modern world is built on cables and wires. We all are connected to each other by means of chords and all sorts of communication takes place over the internet. In such a time, it becomes important to have a medium of communication to keep the activities in order.

chat application for communication

A LAN messenger is a chat application for communication within a private network that does not require an internet connection to function. It is of the type of p2p network which stands for ‘Peer to peer’. Here peer indicates the peer computers which are connected to each other in a manner that files can be shared directly from one system to another without using a central server. It is a free of cost, open source, inter-platform application that can be used for instant messaging over a local area network.

Apart from free and fast messaging over a local network, the application also provides ample of other features which are summarized as follows:

  • Fast messaging

The most striking feature of this application is the quickness in the completion of communication over a local network. Once the user connects himself with the other user on the network, they can instantly chat with each other.

  • Privacy protection

The messages and files shared on the application are secured by means of AES encryption with a public key encryption technology RSA. This makes the application suitable for office use as the information shared via it remains encrypted and secured and can be processed only by the people who have access to the network.

  • Quick file transfer

Any kind of uploading or downloading of file or multiple files amongthe users can take place quickly on this messaging application. This enables the participants to quickly transfer files with each other enabling organized work environment.

  • No language barrier

When it comes to communication. It is very important to have a common language to facilitate interaction between sender and listener. But that’s not always possible especially when one is dealing with a foreign client. Even then, a LAN messenger can be used to communicate efficiently as each of the person can select the language of his/her preference.

The application has proved to be of a great help in various areas, especially in the office environment enabling them to work with increases efficiency. Currently the application is available on platforms like Windows, Mac and Linux.

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