Making a significant difference with everyday products: ImseVimse

significant difference with everyday products

At a time when the impact of man’s commercial activities is getting evident on the face of nature, companies like ImseVimse are reducing their carbon footprint. They have taken up reusable and recyclable methods of approach to produce clothing materials. They produce organic cotton goods that are durable, thus making washing and using them again possible. The most common items of production include cloth pads, cloth diapers, swimming towels, training gear, etc. Putting great emphasis on sustainable production they have revolutionized the way we look at manufacturing. The vision of the company states that sustainable development should become the generally accepted principle and not just the generally accepted exception.

baby products section

Why all the fuss:

IsmeVimse grabbed a lot of attention when it was set up. Clothing and garments are one of the most frequently bought items in any household. In other words they translate directly into a huge chunk of resources for both the consumer and the supplier.If we manage to improve the durability of these products we would be saving a lot on both in the terms of money and natural resources. This company focused all its attention towards making the most out of this. They started producing items that could be easily reused without having to employ significant labor. Recycling of materials saved both money and limited natural resources and what was more; is the fact that it also significantly reduced the waste that was being produced every day.

Completing the cycle:

From the process where they start at by producing their cotton organically, to the end of the cycle where the material disintegrates into natural components after being discarded, they are putting less pressure on the ecosystem. Devoid of any chemicals and made for continuous use, even the consumers prefer using it for daily purposes. Items like kids’ diapers and cleansing pads that are discarded after a single use, are manufactured from organic cotton which feel comfortable to the wearer and are easy for nature to take back when it has served its purpose.

Wide range of products:

The baby products section has attracted a lot of anxious mothers to it. They were tired of synthetic materials that were irritable to the skin of their little ones and caused allergies. As all products are made from organic cotton, they are friendly to the skin and provide complete care with zero worries. Even when they get dirty from daily use, all they require is a wash and you are good to go again.

Saving the planet:

We are faced with the consequences of our transgressions against Mother Nature daily. In such a case, it proves replenishing to have corporations take up the sustainable way without putting their profit motive first. Companies like such will shape our future on this planet for we might be running out of resources anytime soon. Adopting the organic way of production might be the only way left to make sustainable manufacturing a reality.

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