How should you treat anxiety in dogs?

treat anxiety in dogs

If the anxiety is affecting your dog’s health, then you must really consult your vet before taking any more actions. However, one of the most common prescribed medications for anxiety with dogs is Clomicalm. But once again, this must be only utilized with earlier consultation with the trained veterinarian. Actually, there are plenty of remedies and solutions you can follow for dog treats for anxiety, but all have its own pros and cons that are associated. The obedience training greatly works to calm the sense of anxiety and accordingly, it is also a most commonly used method.

dogs with anxiety

Steps to help dogs with anxiety

Here are simple steps to help dogs with anxiety and also reduce the emotional bye-bye between you and your dog while you leave a home:

  • When you say bye-bye, you should stop too much drama. You must try to ignore her a few minutes before you go.
  • During your absence, you can teach your dog to be calm.
  • Whenever you leave, you can make your dog to see that you would always come back.
  • You can act positively towards your goodbyes. Your dog can sense, if you feel sad on it.
  • When you leave your dog, you can offer her treats, when she sits and behaves.
  • When you are not around and if you think your dog is plain bored, you just provide her toys to play with.

How to manage your dogs’ anxiety?

The separation anxiety is a common problem that could lead to vicious behaviours, which are unsafe to your dog. Once you find your dogs that have anxiety and want your dog treats for anxiety to overcome their issue, first of all, you want to build a safe as well as a quiet kennel place. Also, you want to be sure to train them to respond to a calming cue. Before giving affection, toys, treats and foods, you can use this command that is more essential that they are stable.

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