US Politicians Who are into Music

US Politicians

Before becoming one of the prominent names in the US, many politicians worked as businessmen, actors, psychologists, and even musicians. Many of the popular faces that you may recognize as the ones actively involved in the US politics can be linked to music one way or the other. Well, not everyone is a singer and not everyone plays the same music. However, music is divine and it’s something that awakes a person’s inner spirit. The strong suits and power ties often define the characters of politicians so much that we totally forget to acknowledge that some of them have a musical side as well.

Donald Trump’s attorney

Here are a few US politicians who are into music:

Bill Clinton

The former American President Bill Clinton started playing the tenor saxophone when he was a high school kid. He said that he considered music as a career before he decided to get involved in politics and serving the public. He had played the saxophone on The Arsenio Hall Show during his presidential campaign in 1992.

Jay Sekulow

Jay Sekulow is the current American President Donald Trump’s attorney. He is also the frontman of The Jay Sekulow Band which is a band that includes John Schlitt, Lead singer of the Christian rock band Petra, and John Elefante, former lead singer of Kansas. The band makes original music as well as covers of already existing songs of popular bands like The Beatles.

Lamar Alexander

Lamar Alexander, the former governor of Tennessee is a classical as well as a country pianist. He played the piano in 2007 on Patti Page’s re-recording of her hit “Tennessee Waltz.” Alexander ran an unsuccessful bid for the presidential nomination in 1996 for the Republican Party. Even though he has showcased his talents during many occasions, the senior senator prefers to play in private.

Richard Nixon

Not many knew that the former American President Richard Nixon took violin and piano lessons since his first grade until he completed his college. His aunt and uncle were accomplished piano experts and they took keen interest in cultivating the same skills in Nixon as well. Nixon is popular for his television confrontations with John F Kennedy and his famous checkered speech but his musical side remained docile. Nixon played piano in the Grand Ole Opry to the “Jack Paar Show” sometimes with his own compositions!

Jon Huntsman

The former Republican candidate for Presidential elections Jon Huntsman wanted to become a rockstar before he joined the politics. He left his high school during the last year to join a band called “Wizard.”

John Kerry

John Kerry served as the 68th United States Secretary of State from 2013 to 2017. He was a part of a band “The Electras” when he was in high school.

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