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The Company Elliot Sauter, PLLC constructed in 2017 and its headquarters are located in Dallas. Mindy Sauter is one of the co-founders of this firm and is a partner of Michael Elliot who is another co-founder of this firm. She was born on April 12th in 1975, got her graduate degree with a doctorate from Methodist law school of southern. In the law school, she was interested in Journal of technologies, law reviews, and was prefinalist in a competition. She worked as an assistant lawyer for district lawyer’s office after schooling and obtained experience in defending cases, two years later in the defense of the criminal law, she began individual practice on her own. After her own expertise in law, Mindy Sauter – Co-Founder of Elliot Sauter firm practicing her skills in various fields of criminal cases, investigations on fraud cases and assisting the company members in defense cases.

assistant lawyer representing authority


Experience of Mindy Sauter as an attorney

Elliott Sauter is a company that is held private and its specialties are in the field of Federal Criminal Cases, ZPIC, Actions, and Subjective Investigations. Mindy Sauter as a co-founder of this firm is a profoundly enriched trial lawyer utilizes a coordinated program of uniformity and legislative control with the intention of protecting a critical gap from excessive power inspection. The objective of the community is to be aside from convicted indictments and protect customers fairly outside of sue and in the trial if it is important. Mindy Sauter – Co-Founder of this firm took a stab at everything from complex medicinal services extortion cases to capital murder punishment cases level. She aided examination and indictments in the regions of Health Care Fraud, bank misrepresentation, assess extortion, open debasement, and rough violations.

Activities and Membership of Mrs. Sauter

She filled in America as an assistant lawyer representing authority in complex professional wrongdoing arraignments. She has broad trial involvement with several juries and seat trials amid her profession. Mrs. Sauter was a lawyer for justice organization, state, and the government prosecutor. She was a member and activist in the area of FDA, Tricare, the encounter of HIPAA and Medicare etc. With her expertise in the skills of defending cases of criminal law as a co-founder of Elliot Sauter, she received appreciation and became a great lawyer.