The Outstanding Benefits of Using a Retractable Door Screen

door screen

Being in a place where heat is taking over, you will want to ensure enough air is circulating inside your home. Or maybe it’s winter in your area, and it’s about to enter spring. You will want that cold breeze to refresh your house just a little bit after a stuffy winter season. Either way, you will need a magnetic retractable screen door, which is very useful if you want to keep those bugs out while enjoying the natural sunlight and fresh air, and one of these is called the Flux Phenom Magnetic Screen Door.

A retractable magnetic door screen is much needed if you want healthier and cleaner air to come inside your home. The retractable mesh allows you to go in and out with no problems while keeping a tight close to ensure no pests can come in. So what are the other benefits of these magnetic screen doors? Let’s learn more here.

door screen

Opens & Closes Like Magic

In general, screen doors are created to keep the pests and other bugs out without stopping the flow of air from coming inside. But the only difference between the traditional screen doors and magnetic screen doors is that the latter can close and open without using a handle. So if both of your hands are full, you can simply nudge the mesh to open, and it will retract quickly while seamlessly closing on your way out. That’s why even pets can use these screen doors, and they can freely go in and out as they choose.

Easy Installation

One of the best things about the magnetic screen doors is that it allows you to easily and quickly install the product without the need of using heavy tools. All you need is the hardware that comes with the item and a hammer. In addition, you can always watch youtube tutorials if you’re not sure about what you’re doing, making it the perfect choice for people not really handy when it comes to using various tools. Plus, you can easily keep them again when it’s time for winter or the rainy season.

A Great Addition to Your Home

The magnetic screen doors are made up of durable mesh, which cannot be destroyed or easily damaged by anyone, which means it can last a very long time as long as you also take care of it. It’s a great addition to your home because it’s an efficient way of making sure the whole family is comfortable while air circulation can improve your overall well-being. Aside from that, your pets can come in and out whenever they want to. Everybody is free while having that added layer of protection in your home against pesky pests and poor air circulation.



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