Slotenmaker Asse: How Does Locksmithing Come Into Origin?

slotenmaker asse

Slotenmaker, also referred to as a locksmith, is someone who deals with making or repairing locks. Since the 21st century, the majority of the population from one place has moved to another. While settling in a new place, it becomes crucial to maintain high-end security at your place. Thus, you need to make use of modernized security systems to keep your precious items secured. Like any other occupation, Locksmithing has its origins and history. You will come to know more about slotenmaker asse further below.

Origin Of Locksmithing

It is supposed that Locksmithing has its roots in Babylon and ancient Egypt. Around 4000 years ago, the origin in these areas was said to be there. Thus, this occupation is considered to be one of the ancient professions. A few of the facts related to the history of locks are

  1. Initially, the locks were made out of wood. The travellers and trade merchants in that era used locks to protect their items from thieves.
  2. You can find the oldest example of wooden locks in Assyria, which is said to be from around 704 BC.
  3. Later on, keys and locks migrated to Rome, Greece, and China.
  4. During Roman civilization, the high class of society would keep their belongings locked and carry keys as rings.
  5. In the medieval era, wooden locks began to be replaced by iron locks. Iron locks had their popularity in England. Later on, metallic locks also began to be used in parts of Asia and Europe.
  6. The evidence of metallic locks during the medieval era can also be found in medieval art. The slotenmaker asse worked in decorating these locks further.
  7. The design of locks gradually improved between the fourteen and seventeen centuries. These locks began to be adorned with designs by skilled locksmiths.
  8. It is said that Chinese locksmiths adorned their locks with horses and dragons to represent their culture.
  9. Louis XVI of France during the 17thcentury was fascinated by the working of locks. During his period, Locksmithing began to be known as a profitable profession.
  10. After that, in the 18th century, the role of a locksmith resembled that of a blacksmith and various metallic workers.


Presently, the method by which locks are made have become more advanced. You can find many digital locks installed in high-security organizations like financial institutions, courts, hospitals, etc. Usually, these locks can be opened using a number key password or some other encryption technique.

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