Designers of commercial and industrial floors often turn to LVT for floor coverings.

luxury vinyl flooring in Oakland, CA

A cheaper option to its other flooring products, Luxury Vinyl Tiles can be found at Discount Flooring. The price difference between Luxury Vinyl Tiles and other flooring products is substantial. As a result of the quality of thicker luxury vinyl flooring in Oakland, CA, its price is usually at the higher end of the range. A five-millimeter tile has a wear layer of 0.55mm to protect its design and increase its durability. With its robust construction and ability to withstand the pressures of a commercial environment, LVT is designed to withstand heavy usage.

No matter how much traffic, flame resistance, or moisture this flooring can handle, it will stand up to it. Commercial applications can benefit from luxury vinyl flooring in Oakland, CA since many designs are made from 100 percent vinyl. The flooring you use in your home is made from high-end materials that will last a long time. In high-risk areas where practicality overrules design, such as kitchens and bathrooms, LVT’s wear resistance, waterproof properties, and grip & slip resistance make it the perfect flooring solution for high-traffic areas.

The LVT looks incredible even on the stairs in your home – it can be used wherever you like. As a result of its stunning aesthetics, it is a popular choice for dining and living rooms. LVT provides a superior level of warmth underfoot and is softer underfoot than wood and tile floors. Heat is conducted effectively through the floor, making the flooring compatible with underfloor heating.

Compared to tiles, wood, and laminate, LVT can be significantly quieter to walk on because of its 2mm average thickness. LVT’s acoustic properties become softer as it becomes thicker. For good resistance and wear prevention, thicker tiles would be preferred in high-traffic areas. In addition to providing fantastic scratch, scuff, stain, chip, crack and dent resistance, the protective layer allows you to be a little rougher when cleaning LVT than other flooring types.

However, tough marks can be easily removed. We don’t suggest scouring the whole floor with a scouring pad. A simple damp mop shall suffice as a hygienic cleaning regimen for this type of flooring. Deep cleaning is not necessary as the flooring is resistant to chemicals.

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