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If you are a sportsman who after a few years you want to run again or ride a bike one or two days a week to recover a bit the shape, lose weight and reduce fat, the first thing you should do is “return little by little to healthier nutrition You should also leave out ultra processed foods, biscuits, sausages,

Key beneficial effects for health

The reticence of health professionals to talk to their patients about the importance of vitamins is even more incomprehensible as it has been more than ten years since it became clear from a scientific point of view that they are indispensable for health. It seems that everyone has forgotten that vitamins are, by definition, essential substances for the health and normal functioning of the human body.

health professionals

However, this guideline by any doctor they apply “they forget” to share with their patients. And so, the majority of the population of the Asian Countries never takes Energy supplements for health and becomes a victim of the propaganda of the mass media, which seek to make believe that it is enough to eat “balanced” so as not to have shortages.

Elderly, pregnant and children first!

Of course, some people benefit from multivitamins even more than others. In the first place are the elderly, who are the ones who most need to take multivitamins, since their intestine absorbs nutrients worse, and often suffer from an inadequate diet, caused by lack of appetite, difficulty chewing, living alone, etc..

Next come the pregnant women. In general, gynecologists prescribe folic acid (vitamin B9), which is effective in reducing the frequency of nervous system defects. But the consumption of prenatal multivitamins (usually all contain at least 400 μg of folic acid) could also prevent other malformations of the fetus.

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