Pre-Workout Nutrition: Everything You Need To Know

Pre-Workout Nutrition

For every bodybuilder, one of the first things that are being taught is about pre-workout nutrition. If you do not eat protein and carbs before you start your training, you will miss out on the chance to speed up your muscle growth. If you have heard about this advice before, then you are not alone. Bodybuilders and regular gym-goers are following this practice for the longest time.

How important is pre-workout nutrition? Does it really help with the speed of your muscle growth? If this still bothers you, then read along because we have very interesting information that can surely help with your concerns about pre-workout nutrition. This is not as crucial as many people believe, but it also should not be taken for granted either. By the end of this article, you will have a full understanding of why pre-workout nutrition is a trend these days and why is it important to you too.

Pre-Workout Nutrition, Do You Really Need It?

Every single day your body is breaking down and producing muscle proteins. This process is called ‘protein turnover.’ This synthesis rate should be balanced. But when you exercise, this disrupts the balance. According to research, protein synthesis rates are dropping during your resistance and cardio training. This causes both protein synthesis and breakdown rates to increase after you are done with your workout.

muscle proteins

When this happens, the breakdown rates are way too high over the synthetic rates. But you have to remember that your muscle grows as a result of this protein synthesis and breakdown rates imbalance. So if you want to build more muscles fast, you have to make sure that your protein synthesis rates are way above than your breakdown rates. This is one of the reasons why you have to eat as many calories and protein as your body needs in a day. This is where your pre-workout nutrition comes in.

The Goal Of A Pre-Workout Nutrition

What your pre-workout nutrition wants to achieve is to tone down your muscle breakdown as it spikes up your muscle synthesis rates. This is why many health enthusiasts take energy supplements. This helps their body achieve this imbalance and help it achieve your fitness goals much faster than you expected.

If you do not ingest protein in say, 3 to 4 hours before your workout, then it is a good idea to eat at least 30 to 40 grams before you train. But if you have eaten a protein-rich meal a couple of hours before your training, then you do not have to take more. Still, you need this after your workout. Now remember that protein does two things: it increases your protein synthesis rates and slows down breakdown rates, and it also gives your body with the raw materials that your body needs to help build muscles. This is the reason why if you cannot eat protein, take supplements that can help.

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