Kratom Synthetic Urine Testing

Kratom Synthetic Urine Testing

Unlike synthetic marijuana, Kratom still can be a bit obscure, however many addiction specialists are completely aware of its dangerous effects.

What’s Kratom?

This drug is made up from a Kratom plant, the tropical tree native of Malaysia, Thailand, and other Asian countries. This comes in the packaging, which is quite similar to the synthetic marijuana, and people are buying it from the local tobacco stores and on Internet. The experts say that it is more dangerous and addictive than any other illegal drugs. Kratom, and emerging illegal substances like spice and bath salts that were recently added into the synthetic urine test menu, pose the major challenge for the clinicians & addiction treatment centers.

Kratom drug test

How Is Kratom Used?

There’re a lot of administration techniques for the drug. Both fresh and dried leaves can easily be chewed. Some common forms are the loose chopped leaves for making tea, capsules or compressed tablets. Also, some individuals may opt to use extracts instead, as extracts have the stronger effect. The extracts are its concentrated leaves form. Whereas kratom is the medicine, it also can become very addictive. The long-term use will lead to dependence and abuse. It is very important that you check this review completely. It is because of a fact that metabolites and alkaloids have got similar properties to opiate alkaloids and opioid. They will attach to same receptors in your central nervous system.

How Does the Kratom Test Work?

The Kratom drug test makes use of LC-MS/MS technology for detecting presence of its major active alkaloids that are found in Kratom leaf. This technology is very specific and sensitive, providing the quantitative identification, which is unaffected by any other drugs and dietary supplements. Alkaloid in your system can get detected by the drug test, and producing the false positive.

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