How to use a movie pass for beginners?

The movie subscription movie pass renovates their business model. There is one feature that has left untouched e-ticketing. The movie pass e-ticketing is the only way to buy movie tickets through an app without utilizing any card. You can save a seat when it is available. And you can check it anywhere you are either you are in your home or at work. It only works at a selected group of theater chains. For users who are near the e-ticketing theaters. It is one of the perks of service that has an extreme change. They certainly will not offer big movies on the services for the first week of the release for the future. But they also confirmed that there are no restrictions to e-ticketing. The customers can still choose the big release once they are close to a theater.

The availability of e-ticketing theaters will appear on the top list view of the theaters on the application. It has a red and white symbol on the map view. You will then receive a confirmation code with your check-in. You can go to the box office at the theater to get your ticket.

Steps on how to use a movie pass?

  • It has two ways of movie pass. You can use your smartphone application or you can use your physical card. You will receive this card once you already sign up. After you receive it you can make an account in the app and you can begin watching movies.
  • After you open the app you will see the lists of theaters that are close to you. But if you want to see the other theaters that are available. You can switch your ZIP code to your desired location.
  • Choosing a theater provides a list of showtimes. Ted Farnsworth will not let you look at any dates. You can only see the current daytime.
  • To guarantee that only subscribers can use the service. It will not let you check in once the GPS on your phone senses that you are already near the theater.
  • If you are near the theater then you can choose your favorite show.
  • You can hit the “check-in” button. And it will automatically inform you that the funds have been transferred to your movie pass debit card. At times the app will need you to enter the last four digits of your card to confirm the buy.
  • You can use your movie pass the same as your normal debit card. After you watch a film it will be added to your viewing history page. You can watch another movie tomorrow.
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