A great leader – Alexei Orlov

brand management is Alexei Orlov


For increasing the comprehended value of a service or a product there should be brand management in marketing and one leader in this brand management is Alexei Orlov. He is the chief executive officer as well as the founder of mtm choice worldwide an internationally famous and renowned group in the industry of content marketing, brand marketing, social media marketing public relations as well as video advertising.

CEO of MTM choice worldwide

This is a boutique holding group which were started in the year 2017 and has grown to the leading group in brand management. Alexei Orlov has an experience of more than 30 years and has dedicated his work to the field of global marketing as well as the industries of international business leadership. This mtm choice has its offices internationally in Shanghai, Milan, and London along with the offices in Los Angeles and New York in America.

The experience of Alexei Orlov spans over 30 years with 40 countries along with 50 brands and he is an experienced and seasoned practitioner in the field of brand management. This mtm choice worldwide is a specialist network of competent and skilled practitioners presenting activation of the high precision brand along with the media optimization.

Alexie’s Techniques are famous

The headquarters of mtm choice is located in NYC, United States and has raised millions and there are approximately 160 employees with annual revenue estimated to be 75.0 M. This new boutique holding group initially raised approximately $30 million and has three acquisitions which are completed and are regarded as expert agencies in the field of media activation as well as the brand management.

Mtm choice is made up of the four agencies namely Camron PR, local projects, NOM, and Sub Rosa which will be providing its service to more than 120 clients across the world with the utilization of its proprietary technology. Mtm choice has done its negotiations to complete funding of 100 million dollars for the support of top tier acquisitions.


Alexa Orlov is a proven specialist in marketing deployment, global brand strategy along operational change management and his dynamic leadership and passion has brought a lot of change throughout his career. Previously Alex Orlov was a senior adviser to the chief executive officer also the last chairman of DAS, and this is the division of Omnicom Group. He has gone through many heights and spread knowledge and business strategy throughout his career.

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