How much a children play tato games

play tato games

So much so that there are voices that warn about the inherent dangers of videogames, from a possible addiction to an increase in violence. However, prohibiting or preventing children from playing with electronic devices does not make any sense, nor does it prevent us from having a mobile phone at a certain age. On the contrary, 토토사이트 if the child does not participate in this entertainment, it will be considered rare by others and in some cases it will be rejected. Our efforts, as parents and educators, should be directed to advise and influence what, how much, when and how they play. In other words, we must be realistic.

How much they should play

As has already been said, we should always give preference to outdoor play. If children perform this type of games normally, we should not worry about playing videogames at other times.

playing videogames

From 3 to 12 years, it is advisable to let children play between one and two hours maximum per day, especially during weekends.. Now, from that age, the limit of two hours will certainly be difficult to maintain. For all these reasons, it is necessary to set standards regarding how many days and hours can be played. And do not break them. Therefore, something very important is how we get children to stop playing. The best thing is to establish a time in advance and make sure that our children have understood it. In this way, we must warn a few minutes in advance to save the game or finish it in the best way possible. Of course, once the time to cut, you have to be clear. We insist: it is not worth wavering.

What should they play

When buying a video game, you have to take into account its classification according to the content. Like movies, video games have a marked minimum age to play. Before the age of 3, children show no interest in video games, as they do not have sufficient cognitive skills. Their interaction with computers, tablets and mobiles are to see video content, such as cartoons, children’s movies or even something as unusual as watching a girl open fifty surprise eggs in a row..

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