How to buy bitcoins in India?

buy bitcoins

With the increasing prices, bitcoins have now become a very hot topic lately. Indians are not behind and they are doing whatever they can in order to get this fiery product in their hands. A few years back, purchasing bitcoins in India was very difficult. but at present, the scenario has changed a lot, and now purchasing bitcoins have become quite easy now. you can convert btc to inr at our website.

What are bitcoins?

These are basically cryptocurrency and also a digital form of the payment system. These are basically like the normal type of currency lacking any physical form. These are managed electronically. Bitcoins are used for quick transfer of value anywhere across the world. It is the world’s first decentralized digital type of currency. Bitcoins are not owned by any government or financial institution.

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How to purchase bitcoins in India?

In India, if you want to buy bitcoins you can purchase them from some of the trusted bitcoin apps.

What is the minimum amount required to buy bitcoins in India?

At present, one bitcoin can cost you somewhere between 11-12lakhs. But you are not required to purchase 1 bitcoin in order to start investing. You can begin by purchasing a part of a bitcoin. The minimum amount that is required to start investing in bitcoins is approx. rs. 500. You can check on our site in order to know the latest price of BTC to INR.

What are the legal procedures to buy bitcoins in India?

At first, you are required to get a KYC (know your customer) verified. For this thing, you will need to submit your PAN card and also a valid address proof. The next step is your bank account. You need to make sure that the PAN, as well as bank account, belongs to the same person. The process of verification can take about 2 to 3 working days.

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