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bitcoin mining

Earning money from anywhere is difficult but when it comes to online things then you should go for bitcoins. It is one of the best ways to get money online and accurately. So first earning you have to know about bitcoins, cryptocurrency, and how you can earn money from them. You can learn the steps by reading all the instructions. So always understand what is bitcoin mining?

First, know about what is bitcoin mining

It is a process of keeping track of the bitcoins and, all the users who will take part in this process are called ‘miners’. These users keep all the blockchain record complete by grouping into a ‘block’ that will be verified by nodes on the bitcoin online network. After the block is mined all the users will apply a mathematical formula of letters and numbers to the block, which is now commonly called an “SHA-256 cryptographic hash” of the previous blocks. Once the formula is solved by any user the new transaction is added to the chain and formally circulated throughout the network for verification.

process of keeping track of the bitcoins


After completion of the process, the users of bitcoin get rewarded around 12.5 bitcoins by the bitcoin network. You can also check about the bitcoin price fluctuates constantly.

How to start your bitcoin journey?

If you visit the Free bitcoin website there will be an option to log in. Now create your account by filling in the required personal information like e-mail ID, password (which will be optional), and your referrer. Filling this type, the captcha, and then sign up. You can also read all the terms of service for more information related to bitcoin mining. Make sure that you understand the bitcoin process. So go through the website earning money, and convert them into your local currency.

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