Procedures to follow after tattooing your design

A good rule of thumb is to leave the dressing on for a few hours, especially if you want to spend the remainder of the day out and about. When you return home, wash your hands before removing the dressing. Remember that a new문신 is an open wound. Dirt and bacteria can both harm it and hinder the healing process.


  • After removing the dressing, wash the tattoo with the cleanser indicated by your artist or a mild, unscented soap. You should avoid using any soap that contains scents or alcohol, as these components can irritate your skin. After washing, pat the area dry gently with a clean cloth.
  • Do not, rub at any situation. Rubbing can cause skin irritation and ink fallout. Apply a little coating of your artist’s prescribed ointment or a light, odourless lotion to itchy, dry skin. As with the cleanser, avoid using anything that contains irritants such as fragrance or alcohol.
  • Most artists will give you a verbal summary of how to care for your new tattoo and provide you with a sheet to refer to later. Always follow the aftercare recommendations provided by your artist. Don’t be alarmed if the tattoo begins to flake or peel.
  • This is a typical aspect of the healing process that normally lasts until the end of the first week. In contrast picking at it, can result in ink fallout and destroy your artwork.

How to Care for Your Tattoo

Most tattoos heal at the surface layer within a few weeks, but it may take months to cure entirely. Skimping on care can cause your 문신 to heal more slowly and have a negative impact on how it looks in the long run.

The only method to lower your risk of infection is to practise good hygiene. Consult your doctor as soon as you notice any of the following symptoms:

  • Warm or painful skin, a burning feeling, swelling after the first few of days, have passed green or yellow pus, bad odour are some symptoms which you should tell your doctor or your artist without fail. This may even go worse as days goes on.
  • Aside from keeping the tattoo clean, you need also maintain it fresh and hydrated. If you expose the tattoo to direct sunlight, the colours may fade, so invest in a good sunscreen or SPF clothes. Dry skin can sometimes make a tattoo or ink appear dull.
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