How to Wear the Boob Tape to Look More Elegant

Women bra tape

Women love to wear a variety of beautiful sleeveless and backless dresses, but the major problem is the usage of bras and heavy breasts. To avoid all these issues, the perfect option is to use Boob tape for women. They are available as Gaffer, sports, double-sided, boob lift, and sticky boob tape, and all these are more flexible and make you remove easily. It is an ideal choice for low-cut outfits, strapless, and more prominent cleavage and large varieties are available in the online market and retail store at a reasonable price. Wearing it helps to reduce the movements when performing any heavy exercise, or dancing helps to flatten the chest, create cleavage for the women with small breasts, and offers the solution for the women with a large bust to wear the backless or open-cut dresses and tap them horizontally.

Applying any moisturizer, powder, or milk creams will prevent the boob tape from stabbing. The surface should be dry and clean before the application and if you have sunburn or damaged skin, tapping of the bust is not recommendable. Measure the length you require for covering, cut them, and stick them slowly on one-side, and follow the same procedure for the other side as well. If you have sweaty skin, apply alcohol to clean the dirt, and use the wider tapes for avoiding bumps.

Women bra tape

To remove the tape easily, you can use the

  • Baby oil or olive oil.
  • Remove it slowly from the corner.
  • Soak it in warm water or take a hot shower.

Do a patch test to check for any allergic reaction in your skin before using it continuously. Most of the boob tapes are medically tested and are natural for all cups and sizes. You may feel weird when you are swapping to tape from bra, but regular usage will make them comfortable, and before wearing tie up your hair and protect the skin, apply it depending on your size, and tap it gently to avoid skin irritation.

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