Helpful Tips To Make Your Movie Date Night Extra Special

Make Your Movie Date Night Extra Special

If you want to the date night special with the love of your life or maybe you want to impress the girl you are courting, a movie date night is one of classic but very effective choice. Everyone loves a good movie. However, what you want to watch might not be the same genre that the other person would enjoy watching. So how can you make your movie date extra special? Let’s go ahead and find out!

Prepare Ahead

When you decided to have a movie date, make sure that you have everything ready ahead of time. If you want to have a nice dinner at a fancy restaurant first, book in advance. If you want to watch a movie after, you have to check what movies are available for you to watch if are going to a movie house. If you want to do it at home, you can now watch movies online. Just visit sites like solarmovies if you are looking for the latest blockbuster movies.

Choose An Appropriate Movie

If watching a movie with your wife or husband, or your girlfriend or boyfriend, you probably already know what kind of movies do you want to watch together. Still, it is best to ask. It is important that both of you enjoy the movie. If this is the first date, choose a movie that is appropriate for both of your tastes. It is best that before your date, ask questions pertaining to the type of movies that interests her.

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Put Phones Away!

When watching a movie, avoid looking at your phone. One mobile phone is enough to ruin a movie date. Once the movie starts, turn off your phone so you will not be tempted to check it. You can turn it to silent, but when a call or text message comes in, you might still be disturbed in the middle of the movie. If you have your phones off, this gives the other person the impression that they have all your attention. Your date will notice it and appreciate the effort and attention that you give him or her.

Why Watch Movie At Home?

Convenience is one of the major reasons why you should consider watching a movie at home. This might not be that appropriate for first dates, but if you and your partner have been together for a while, sometimes you only want to spend more time with each other? You can prepare a good dinner for your partner and have the movie ready to play.

This way, you and your partner can be as comfortable as you can be. No more need to fall in line and wait for tickets (especially for blockbuster movies!), no more need to spend hours dressing up, and you even get to have unlimited popcorn and drinks while at home. Another reason is that, you can pause the movie anytime you want too!

Now that there are plenty of online movie streaming sites, watching a movie at home is much easier. Movies at online sites like solarmovies are in high definition. This means that you can choose whatever movie that you want to watch and enjoy it in quality as shown in movie theaters.

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