Tips to Having a Successful Organic Garden

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Your plants need food to grow; therefore, regular soil fertilization is the first step to a healthy garden. Vegetable plants, berries, perennial flowers and shrubs need a balance of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus to grow well. Most soils have some of these nutrients, but plants use them to grow and produce fruit, flowers, and seeds, so applying fertilizer at least once a year is an important step in maintaining soil health. A strong Garden Clearance Services UK root system will produce a healthier plant, as it will be able to fight off any problems or pests that arise.

Alternate vegetable crops.

Rotation is another way to keep the soil healthy and prevent pests and diseases of garden plants. Vegetable rotation basically means not planting the same vegetable in the same place for at least 3-4 years. Each vegetable plant uses different nutrients from the soil, so by moving your vegetables to a new location each year, your soil will not be completely depleted of that particular nutrient. Different vegetarian plants also attract different pests and diseases, so moving plants around discourages those pests and diseases.

Proper watering.

Along with nutrients, sunlight and good air circulation, plants need the right amount of water to grow well. Often we water too much or too little. A good rule of thumb is that most gardens and vegetable plots require about 1 inch of water each week, a little more if it’s very hot and dry. It is Garden Clearance Services UK to give the plant enough water to reach the root system; the roots can be a foot or more below the surface, so deep watering every few days is better than just shallow watering every day. After you finish watering, a good test is to dig around your garden to see how far the water has penetrated. You want the soil to be moist at least 6 inches below the surface.

Use mulch.

Use organic mulches such as compost, aged manure, straw, leaves, hay and wood chips to save water and add organic matter to the soil as they decompose.

Make compost.

Composting is a simple and effective way to recycle garden waste and use kitchen scraps to produce an amendment that can be put back into beds or around berries and bushes.

Keep your garden clean.

Keeping your Garden Clearance Services UK garden clean is another way to keep pests and diseases at bay, making for a healthier garden. If you have any diseased plants, make sure you put them in garage bags immediately after pulling or cutting them, that way you don’t spread the problem to other areas by moving them through your garden.

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