Ronn Torossian- An Elegant Entrepreneur

People with the objective of creating impact often leave footprint behind and thus they serve as motivational purpose of the other peoples. Ronn Torossian, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of 5WPR in New York is also the founder of this organization. In the interviews he has pointed the things that let to efficient management of the organization. Cooperation and Coordination in the management of the organization must go on and in hand as discussed by him for the efficient utilization of resources. For the newly growing industries, his documentary is important source to cope with the competition and they can learn to expand the business in present situation. Instead of putting emphasis on the profitability of management in the beginning, Ronn Torossian emphasizes more on reducing the loss business is going through. According to him personality development part is more important than writing skill because a technical worker can perform all the activities whereas some of the employee remain attached to particular job and due to this they earn specialization in the performing activities.

Beliefs of Entrepreneur

Beliefs of Entrepreneur

Unlike most of the Entrepreneur he believes in the stability of the tenure. According to him if a worker is provided stability he earn confidence and on his part perform efficiently for the development of the organization. Apart from development, stability of tenure makes the worker to get used to their job and with the passage of time they prove out to be valuable assets of the company. Trust over employee promotes goodwill of the organization thus, providing employee a sense of belonging.

Idea to the Readers

He believes in the creativity from the part of the employee as business is not a rigid place and in order to be dynamic it must cope with the existing competition prevailing in the market. His sole objective was to offer service to the society and thus lead to the increase in national income of the economy. Earning does not means leaving behind the feelings and sentiments of the public thus an Entrepreneur must offer time to its family because family need them as much as the organization need the employee. Spending time with the family allows one to think the basic objective. Self-esteem and self-satisfaction is more important than money. Hence, Ronn Torossian is the source of motivation for the early beginner and his documentary helps to develop the idea of skill and ability we should keep for movement in the different stage of life.