How did Rich Dennis rise in the Fashion Industry?

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Rich Dennis is an entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is known as the creator of the SheaMoisture product, which is from Sundial Brands. Richelieu founded Sundial Brands to bring natural and relevant beauty goods to an underrepresented ethnic market in the United States. Sundials have grown so popular that they are now known and distributed worldwide. As richelieu dennis attributes his success to his family, particularly his grandmother, whose Shea Butter recipe and manufacturing encouraged him to establish the firm.

Raise in Cosmetics and fashion:

In the retail industry, fashion and cosmetics go hand in hand. Without the influence of another, one is frequently incomplete. Every day, people are concerned about their appearance. Clothing and cosmetic product selections for both men and women reflect the decisions about their looks. As the value of diversity grows, so does the appeal of natural and personal styles. As a result, the globe has gradually shifted away from Eurocentric beauty ideals, appreciating each distinct background and standard of beauty. In appearance, this included blending identities and styles from other civilizations. While fashion relates to clothing style, cosmetics refers to the acquisition of distinctive ethnic characteristics.

Fashion Trends That Promote Black Beauty:

The founding story of Sundial Brands focuses on delivering natural and inclusive beauty products for underprivileged ethnic minorities in the US customer base to appreciate their inherent beauty. It has reflected fashion and look trends to appeal to a larger and more diversified audience. Sundial’s major product brand, Shea Moisture, has focused on recovering the narrative of black female beauty. SheaMoisture recently acknowledged the impact of Black ancestry and culture in a campaign. It Comes Naturally by including the work of female artists that highlights natural hair and Black beauty. The campaign has inspired many people to embrace their ancestry openly and tastefully by featuring textiles and films of black beauty. Richelieu Dennis has sought to inspire and influence women in this way by embracing personal and ethnic styles.

Diversity acceptance has influenced fashion:

Such inclusive initiatives have a significant influence on the fashion industry. Afro-kinky natural hair has been a fashion statement, and the upkeep that goes with it has become a lifestyle. According to a recent piece, natural hair is both a trend and political news. Sundial, a company to promote ethnic beauty standards, has been a fashion and look trailblazer in recent years. Over the last decade, richelieu dennis and his company have gradually become key fashion influences. Her effort in bringing cosmetic alternatives to market that everyone can enjoy contributes to the recent trend of acceptance of difference.

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