Equipment Leasing: Why Equipment Leasing is a preferred option over Buying

Equipment Leasing

Considering investment costs, depreciation, usage and other factors, many companies nowadays consider leasing equipment than purchasing. This investment strategy, emphasizing financing costs and profit, is most common to companies specializing in engineering, construction, and heavy equipment.

Strongbox is one of these companies that offers leasing services, providing equipment in the most cost-efficient way. The company has products ranging from attachment, carry deck crane, compaction equipment, construction vehicle, earth moving equipment, and lift equipment. The company focuses on simplicity, expertise, and innovation.

Strongbox makes leasing easier for their clients by making the equipment available whenever demanded, helping clients become more cost and time efficient in doing business. Aside from the wide range of available resources, Strongbox has professionals who are experts in engineering and construction. They could give you advice on the best equipment to be used depending on its use.

Each rental period ranges from hourly, daily, weekly and monthly with insurance on all leased equipment.

So the question follows, ‘why should you engage in industrial equipment rental than buying your own’? Here is why:

purchasing heavy equipment

  1. Less Expensive

Leasing requires less initial cash outlay than the high down payment needed in purchasing heavy equipment. Lease payments also come way smaller than monthly amortization.

  1. You can use the most recent model

Leasing allows you to use the most recent model of the equipment you need. This opportunity is difficult to experience if you choose to purchase the equipment because it will be harder to dispose of old equipment or even finding a buyer when a new model is available in the market. Leasing equipment with Sandbox lets you experience the different upgrades and up-to-date features of the different vehicles and equipment.

  1. You do not have to worry about trading or selling the car later

In leasing, you do not have to worry about the future value of the property nor worry about finding a buyer of the property.

  1. Protect Credit Line

Since you do not need high financing in leasing, it is a better choice if you want to keep your credit line open for other funding needs.

  1. You do not carry the cost of obsolescence

Since you do not own the property, you do not have to worry about the possibility of obsolescence especially for equipment with upgrades now and then.

  1. Fixed payments

Cash outlays for lease payments are not affected by interest rates, inflation, and variable financing.

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