Conversational AI and how it can be effective

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Over the past years, there has been a significant development in the field of virtual communication with the client. With every passing day, new techniques are incorporated to make the system more effective and user-friendly. What started as being just a response system that answers few preset questions, conversational AI has gone great heights. One of the front runners in this, Clinc helps make interactions lively and result oriented. It incorporates Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Natural Language Processing(NLP), and Machine Language for better understanding and response. The AI is developed in such a way that it Listens, comprehends, and offers response.

   By listening, they refer to listening to texts and also voice recognition. The voice from the client is translated into machine-readable language. This is then understood by the system and response relating to the same identified from the data vault. The response can be delivered to the client in the form of text or also by artificially synthesized human speech. The conversational AI in any enterprise is the virtual assistant that carries out simple dialog management like Apple’s Siri. Well, there can be more advanced systems also with specializations in managing queries.  These are the ones that carry interaction from one context to the other and provide a personalized experience to the clients.


To be effective, conversational AI faces various hiccups too. Any voice communication with the bot should be clear. Use of non-standardized language, the local dialect, slang etc may interfere with the functioning. Also, the presence of outdoor noise interrupts machine understanding. Making the clients understand the importance of AI communication and educating more and more of them to use this can only increase its relevance. Since the clients are communicating vital information to someone they cannot see in person, they give great importance to safety and privacy. This is a great challenge in front of the AI developer. So it has to be a framework that instills confidence in the minds of the client.

  While the majority of the help bots deployed reduce time and cost, it has to be used specific to the industry so that it can be effective. The banking sector, health care sector, Ecommerce, or any other online platform has found its application very useful. The common household virtual assistant also is based on the AI concept. With more and more updates the conversational AI can be employed with greater levels of accuracy.

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