About Computer-based Access Control Systems

Computer-based Access Control Systems

To ensure that you need to install ACS or an access control system. This mechanism is simply an electronic system used to control network access. The main function of these systems is to recognize and authenticate persons in certain areas of the office and to allow them access. It has the best protection and complete security is guaranteed.

To ensure the best electronic door access control system in your office, the ACS installation is very important. Not only do you prevent unauthorized entry of users but at the same time it tracks the number of entrances and exits in a given location. Speaking of ACS: There are three different types.

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Available ACS types

Here are the three different types of ACS that are commonly used.

  • DAC, or Discretionary Access Control: is a type of mechanism where business owners are responsible for providing access to people at their locations. Digital or physical Compared to other systems, the DAC is less restrictive.
  • MAC or Required Access Control: An organization that needs to pay more attention to the classification and confidentiality of information. MAC is used a lot here. The owner has the control administration.
  • RBAC, or Role Based Access Control: This is one of the most common types of ACS in an organization. RBAC is about giving people access to specific areas of their location based on their roles, tasks and responsibilities.

What are the advantages of ACS?

Here are some of the benefits ACS offers.

  • Tracking Mechanism: Allows you to keep track of who is entering and exiting a specific area.
  • Keyless: You no longer need to lock a part. With ACS access in certain areas, it can be easily restricted and adjusted.
  • No Infiltrations: Under this system, entries are based on the access granted to a particular user. Therefore, there is no chance of invasion.
  • Security: This system protects documents and confidential information.
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